The Pennant Race and a Spinning Wheel

The Pennant Race and a Spinning Wheel

Posted by Adrienne Anila (aka Mama Fig) on Oct 7th 2018

My Louet Victoria

It's my favorite part of baseball season- playoffs time. It's also properly Fall in the mountains, so a toasty fire in the wood stove, a sound Red Sox victory over the Yankees, an even more sound Dodgers victory, and a spinning wheel are a perfect combination.

Here's the back story: 

When I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2007, I found a couple of local yarn stores, and soon Northwest Wools became my favorite. They had spinning wheels and roving I couldn't stop looking at. I knew that if I took the beginning spinning class, I would likely be all in and want a spinning wheel. I prudently waited until I had funds for the wheel and signed up to spin. I was hooked after the first hour, despite my seriously lumpy first yarn.

The feel of wool moving through my fingers as it wraps elegantly on a spinning bobbin is one of the most relaxing things I 

know. I brought home my Louet Victoria travel wheel the first night of class. With it's folding mechanism, my wheel nicely filled the tiny space between bookshelf and wall when I wasn't actively spinning. I spun so much I filled all my bobbins and had to wait for next week because I didn't know what to do next. Luckily, we learned to ply in the next class and poof! I had yarn. I bought myself some extra bobbins and a pile of lovely Dicentra hand dyed roving and went home to enjoy my fall evenings of baseball playoffs. 

I spun everything I could lay hands on that Fall. Then I learned about drop spindles, little tiny spinning tools that fit in a purse. I took a class on that too and could spin more easily on the go. I was set. 

"But wait!," you scream. "Red Sox and Dodgers? How is this possible?" It goes like this. My dad grew up in Brooklyn watching Jackie Robinson play. He and my grandmother never forgave the Dodgers for moving to LA (never mind that they all became Californians a decade later). So I have a family history of rooting for the Dodgers. It gets better though. I was born the day the Dodgers beat the Yankees in game seven of the 1981 World Series- get this- during the 7th inning stretch. So a Dodgers fan I must be. 

Here's the Red Sox part of the story:

My husband and I went round for two solid months about where to honeymoon this past summer. We each made suggestions only to have them politely (or not so politely) shot down. Finally, we decided on Boston, Maine, and Prince Edward Island. My husband had been to all of the old ball parks except for Fenway. It turns out Fenway is the cutest ball park imaginable. We took the tour, we got to stand on the Green Monster, we got to see the red seat Ted Williams hit a homer into in center field, we even got to sit in the 1930s wood seats. We proudly wore our Red Sox caps and sang "Sweet Caroline" with gusto. We watched the Red Sox beat the Angels and he had loads of fun doing it. 

So both of my teams are in their respective pennant races this year. I can spin and sing Sweet Caroline and watch Kershaw pitch like a man possessed, and keep my fingers crossed I can wear my royal blue B and my navy blue B for the World Series. Happy Fall, indeed!