Stripes for Littlest Fig (and Self-Care for Me)

Stripes for Littlest Fig (and Self-Care for Me)

Posted by Adrienne Anila on Sep 6th 2018

When we last discussed sweaters for my kiddos, you learned that Littlest Fig wants whatever Little Fig has. So Littlest Fig said he wants a Mama sweater too. He announced he wants a rainbow striped sweater with a red sleeve and a blue sleeve. Of course, I could not fill this rather precise order from my stash, so- joy of joys- I got to go shopping for yarn!

I didn't own a yarn store yet, so vacation seemed like an excellent opportunity to look for yarn. In the interest of full disclosure, however, I'm not at all certain that having my own store would have stopped me buying yarn anyway. I just love yarn stores. At any rate, as soon as the ship docked in Sydney, Nova Scotia, I got out my phone and found The Bobbin Tree- sharing a wall with a coffee shop, and specializing in knitting yarn and rug hooking. A shelf across the store drew my eye. A rainbow of Cascade 220 was just the thing for Littlest Fig's sweater. I happily marched out the door with five colors and a decaf latte. Not bad for a morning's work. 

I have a fairly loose relationship with patterns, so I grabbed my favorite hooded sweater pattern and began modifying for the stripes. Shortly after starting, I decided to start Mama Fig Yarn and Art Collective, and put the striped sweater on hold. Guilt got the better of me, however, so I sat down with the Knit Group yesterday and started on the hood. Then, waiting for an alignment at the tire store this morning, I decided to knit instead of working on the website, or any number of other store tasks. Winter is coming after all, and Littlest Fig won't be this size forever. 

It felt wonderful just to sit and knit a while, pretending I didn't have other things to do and I remembered why I started a yarn store to begin with- because I love to knit. Feeling wool pass through my fingers was just the grounding I needed to remember the little things amid the start of a store and the start of school, and life's general frenetic pace. So if you come into the store today, you just might find me knitting instead of worrying about other details. Let's knit a while instead.

sneaking a knitting moment waiting for construction