About Us


I suppose I was genetically predisposed to knitting. Some of my earliest memories of my grandmother were her asking me what color sweater I wanted her to knit me. I learned to knit a bit as a kid, but it wasn't until college that I really caught the fiber arts bug. 

The catalysts were my horrible roommates. I never wanted to be in the apartment I shared with five loud and obnoxious UC Davis students, so I looked around for evening activities (one can't be studying in coffee shops all the time). I found the UC Davis Craft Center (teaching all sorts of arts to students and community members alike) and signed up for a knitting class. I discovered I was pretty good at knitting, and, more importantly, that I loved it! I made beanies for everyone I knew, then expanded my horizons to include a dog sweater for my poodle. Knitting became a defining part of me. I began taking projects with me everywhere I went. I worked in a yarn store in Davis and decided I'd like to own my own store one day.

Shortly after college, I realized I needed an impactful way to make a living and didn't have the capital or location for a yarn store. I became a school teacher. When my first 6th grade class needed a project for the yearly silent auction fundraiser, I taught my class to crochet, and added crochet to the list of acceptable activities when students were done with work early. It was wonderful to look out at my 25 eleven year olds and see their crochet hooks flying. We made a lovely afghan for the auction. 

A couple of years later, I moved to Portland, Oregon and took a spinning class at Northwest Wools. Much like the magic I felt when getting the hang of knitting, I knew spinning was going to stick. You can find my yarn in the YARN  section of the website.

Next I learned to needle felt at Knitterly in Petaluma, CA (just south of my home town of Santa Rosa). Suddenly, I felt more creative with fiber. I learned about color and began to free-form my own designs. I added felted embellishments to everything. 

I had my first child in 2010 and knitted him a small mountain of baby sweaters. I knitted a smaller mountain for my second child (because it's hard to chase a toddler and knit at the same time). I moved to the Sierra Nevadas and started doing weekend craft shows with my neighbor Lucia, of Dogwalk Crochet. I created with fiber and flourished in the mountains I'd visited as a child. 

After ten wonderful years of teaching school, I've decided it's time to realize my dream of owning a yarn store. I'm thrilled to share my love of fiber arts and the work of other local artists with you in the mountains that hold my heart.